'Invalid pointer operation' bug report happening when trying to run SellerEngine Plus

Typically this problem happens when the computer crashes and the software goes corrupt. To fix this issue you will need to do a complete uninstall of the software and then reinstall. Before uninstalling you can do a manual backup of your database files, reprice schemas, and other customizations.


► Manually backup your database, reprice schemas, and customization files

Inventory database and reprice schema files are stored by default in the ‘db’ folder found in the installation folder of the software. This folder also contains queries, layout configurations, and add template changes you made on the old computer.
Along with the ‘db’ folder you can also backup all files that have the .ini extension and are found in the installation folder - these files contain all your visual customizations.

To navigate to the installation folder right-click on the desktop shortcut and then click 'Open file location'. See the screen shot below for the default installation folder path, and files and folders you need to copy:



NOTE: If you can't find the AppData folder it means that your computer is set not to show hidden files and folders. To change this setting, in the 'Explorer' or 'MyComputer' window click Organize > Folder and search options > View and select the 'Show hidden files, folders, and drives' option.

Copy all the files highlighted above and paste them in a backup folder.


► Completely uninstall the software

To uninstall run the unins000.exe file found in the installation folder. The confirmation window will show up, click 'Yes'.

Before uninstalling is finished you will be asked if you want to delete the user created files, click 'Yes'.



► Reinstall Seller Engine Plus

With the corrupted files now removed you can create a new installation. To download the installation file click here

Run the file and finish installing the software, but don't run Seller Engine Plus once installation is finished.

Copy the backed up files, and then paste them in the installation folder - it's OK to overwrite existing files.

Finally, now you can run the software.

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