Automatic Pricing Rules

Sellery’s Automatic Pricing Rule Feature

Sellery is, first and foremost, an Amazon repricing tool with endless flexibility, options, and power.

While our users love to dig into Sellery and dial in very specific and complex pricing strategies, there are still many sellers out there who have a need for a more "out of the box" repricing strategy that they can plug and play to get repricing quickly but still see great results.  

To this end, we have added automatic pricing rules to Sellery which can apply algorithms designed to help you find an optimum price in relation to the Buy Box. By applying automatic pricing rules, Sellery aims for a fair share of the Buy Box while also driving up prices (and your profits) whenever possible.

The only requirement for your item to be eligible for Automatic Pricing Rules is that your item should have competing sellers. If it does not, the item's price will not be changed.

How do Automatic Pricing Rules Work?

Automatic Pricing Rules employ the following three strategies:

  • Raise your price, if you have the Buy Box, to get you the best (highest) price, while keeping the Buy Box. ("Raising")
  • Lower your price until you get the Buy Box. ("Lowering")
  • Try to get a share of the Buy Box when other sellers are actively competing for it, and start to turn more aggressive if sharing doesn't work. ("Sharing")

The algorithm will attempt to match the Buy Box price or match / overcut the competition if you are not Buy Box eligible.

If your item isn’t listed, Automatic Pricing Rules will overcut the competition and the Buy Box price, match the competition or, if there is no competition at all, price your items based on the limits you’ve set for them.

Note that "changing competitor prices" also counts competitor listings disappearing or new ones appearing.

Depending on when competitor prices have last changed, Automatic Pricing Rules will apply different strategies. If competitor prices have changed in the last 24 hours, we’ll move to the "Sharing" strategy and attempt to either win or share the Buy Box. If competitor prices have not changed recently, we’ll move to the "Raising" or "Lowering" strategies and attempt to maximize your revenue while still maintaining the Buy Box.

How do I create Automatic Pricing Rules in Sellery?

To use Automatic Pricing Rules, simply create a new rule under Settings > Pricing Rules by clicking New above the rules list to the left, entering a name for it and then selecting "Automatic" when asked for the rule type: 


Once that’s done, simply apply this rule to your Smart Lists like you would any other rule, under Settings > Pricing Overview. For more information on applying Pricing Rules to Smart Lists, check out our documentation here.

That’s it, the algorithm is up and running!

Seeing the rules in action

You will be notified of the state of the algorithm in the Pricing Log of any item that has been repriced by it. Depending on the applied strategy, you’ll see one of the messages described below.

For the static competition strategies:

  • Raising: "Adjusting your price up to the best price"
  • Lowering to Rewin: "Adjusting your price down to get the Buy Box back"
  • Holding: "Price adjustments are on hold since you now have the best price"
  • Matching: "Adjusting your price to match competition. The process of winning the Buy Box will resume in 24 hours"


For the dynamic competition strategy:

  • Trying to Share: "Adjusting your price to get a share of the Buy Box"
  • Sharing: "Sharing the Buy Box"
  • Trying to Win: "Trying to win the Buy Box from competition"
  • Winning: "Winning the Buy Box with competition"


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