My email address isn’t recognized when I try to log in and I can’t reset my password.

It’s most likely that you simply don’t have an account. Your Profit Bandit is separate from your Google Play/iTunes App Store Account and your Amazon Account.

If you've never seen the Sign Up or Sign in screen before, then you don't have a Profit Bandit account.




Just create a new account using the email address of your choice.

Other Solutions:

  • Double check the email address and password. Your email address is case-sensitive.
  • Try creating a new account using the email address of your choice or using your Facebook account.
  • Make sure you are tapping the link at the bottom that says you already have an account if you are trying to log in.
  • If you're asked to start a new subscription when you already have one, STOP and email us to help you sign into your subscribed account.

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