How To Use Profit Bandit's Buy List

Profit Bandit's Buy List is a helpful feature that allows you to save profitable items that you find while scanning.

When you are scanning and you find an item that you want to buy, add it to your Buy List.


Your Buy List will look like this:


If you tap on an item in this list, you can View, Edit or Delete it.


Exporting Buy List

For more options regarding your Buy List, you can access this menu by tapping the top right button from the screen.


If you would like to export your Buy List, you can save it as a .csv file, or email it to yourself.

If emailed, you willl receive it as a CSV or TXT file that contains the following columns:

  • Product ID
  • Title
  • Category
  • Profit
  • Selling Price
  • Buy Cost
  • ASIN
  • Sales Rank
  • Condition
  • Quantity
  • Location
  • Weight

Note: Your entire Buy List is stored locally on your phone. If you need to uninstall/reinstall Profit Bandit, your Buy List will be lost.


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