Understanding Item Details In Profit Bandit For Android

After you scan an item, Profit Bandit shows you details about the item at the top of the screen.

Item Title, Image & Category 

The item title is displayed in dark blue text at the top of the screen.

Tapping the item title will take you to the Special Searches menu, which allows you to look up items you scan on Ebay, Google Products or other shopping sites. You can also look up historical pricing and Sales Rank data on CamelCamelCamel and Keepa.


Below that, you'll see the item's category. To the lower-left of the category, you'll see a thumbnail image of the item. Make sure what you're scanning matches this image!

List Price

Below the category, you'll find the item's List Price. This is also known as the MSRP. Be aware that not all items have a List Price.

Below List Price, you'll see the total number of offers and the lowest available offer. Note that we can't always show the lowest price for some conditions, due to limitations in Amazon's API.


In a yellow box, you'll see the item's Sales Rank in its category.

Weight & Oversize Status

Here you'll see the weight of the item that we receive from the Amazon catalog, as well as an indication of whether this item is oversized or not.

Trade In Value

Next to weight, you'll see the trade-in value of the item, if this information is available.

All FBA & CCC Buttons

Tap here to open research pages showing the item's FBA Offers page or CamelCamelCamel Listing. These pages are pre-loaded and open instantly while only using a bit more data (but don't worry, you can disable these preloading screens in Profit Bandit's Settings).

Sell It Button

Tap here to list your item for sale on Amazon or add it to your Buy List, depending on what you have selected in Settings.

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