Print SKU and UPC labels

SellerEngine Plus gives you the option to print labels with the UPC or SKU as a scannable barcode. The UPC label will only have the barcode and the UPC code on it while the SKU label will have the barcode, SKU, title, and condition:


Before printing make sure you have configured your Preferences to use the correct printer and label format. Here you will find the setting that allows you to switch between SKU and UPC label printing.

These labels are mainly for internal purposes only and are different from the FBA labels required for items being sent to Amazon fulfillment centers.


There are several ways in which SKU/UPC labels can get printed:

► Print labels for items in your inventory list

  1. Select the item(s) for which you are printing labels.
  2. Right click on the selected items and go to Print Item Labels.
    • The option 'Print Just one Label' will print only one label, regardless of the number of copies specified under Inventory Quantity for the respective SKU.
    • The option 'Print Labels for the entire Quantity' will print one label for each copy.


► Print labels while entering items from the Add New Inventory Item dialog

  1. In the New Inventory Item dialog, make sure the checkbox for 'Print Label' is selected.
  2. Enter an item. When the item entry is complete, your label will print.


► Print labels from the Edit dialog

  1. Select the items for which you want to print labels.
  2. In the Edit Inventory Item dialog, make sure the checkbox for 'Print Label' is selected.
  3. Click OK.


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