Known Issues


Known Issues with the current SellerEngine Plus build (v3.3.19):

  • The ‘Edit’ window is not resizable.
  • Exporting to a file in the eBay BCL format fails and a bug report error pop-up is displayed
  • Printing an inventory report fails and shows a 'Please verify your printer. Printing aborted!' error.
  • SKU and UPC labels fail to print in the US version of the software.
  • When you search with the option 'Load query and edit', the changes you make to the query will not be saved by default. If you want to save the changes to your query, you must do so explicitly.
  • The Amazon constraints on the pricing of Collectible items are not enforced by SellerEngine Plus. If you reprice an item in Collectible condition to under the Amazon List Price or if there is no Amazon price, below $10, Amazon will remove the item from your listings when you upload that price change.


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