Export Bucket Report

Once you have run a price check, you will notice results are displayed in the Price Check Tab and you can save a report of the buckets for each item selected.


To save the buckets information retrieved, export it to a file:

  • In the toolbar, click on the 'Export' button and select 'Export Bucket Report' from the drop-down menu which appears.

  • In the 'Export Bucket Report' dialog which appears, use the radio buttons to select whether you would like to export information retrieved for all your items, or just the items for which you have set the 'Export' flag.
  • Using the radio buttons, select whether you would like to export all the information retrieved, or just the information on buckets which are in the same condition as yours.  Click 'OK'.
  • In the 'Save As' dialog which appears, browse to the location in which you would like to save the file, type a name for it in the text field, and click 'Save'.

The file is saved as a comma separated .txt file which can be viewed in another application, such as Microsoft Excel.

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