Export and Import to FillZ

To export your inventory to a  FillZ friendly format:

  1. From the main toolbar, click 'Export' and choose "Export to FillZ".
  2. Choose/Create a name and location for the file and click "Save".
  3. Enter your FillZ user name.
  4. Click 'OK.' Your file is created.
  5. Log on to your FillZ account and click 'Import' on the 'Start' page.
  6. From the drop-down menu, select 'UIEE' as your format.
  7. Browse to the file location where you saved your file.
  8. Choose a method to upload your file: 'Test Only', 'Add/Modify/Delete', or 'Purge and Replace'.
  9. FillZ creates an Import Report indicating any changes made to your FillZ inventory.

To import your inventory from FillZ:

  1. Log on to your FillZ account and click "Export".
  2. Under the "Manual Export - Inventory" header, choose "SellerEngine" from the 'Format' drop-down menu.
  3. Choose a method of export and save the file to disk.
  4. Save this import definition to the directory C:\Program Files\SellerEngine Plus\db\layout
  5. In SellerEngine Plus, click on "Import" in the top toolbar.
  6. Choose "Import From File" and browse to the location of the file you just saved.
  7. Choose "Custom" and click "Next".
  8. SellerEngine Plus asks if you want to automatically match column names. Click "No".
  9. Click the "Load Pattern" button.
  10. Choose the Settings File you downloaded before you began your import and click "Open".
  11. Click "Finish".
  12. When the import is complete, click the 'Close' button in the Inventory Import Wizard and the items will appear in SellerEngine Plus. 

Note: For more information on importing items from files click here.

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