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Unless you've previously set up Automatic Reprice, you need to upload any changes you make to your inventory in SellerEngine Plus in order for them to take effect on Amazon. You can bulk upload to create new listings, remove already existing listings, update prices, and listing details that can be edited through the software.

Note: To change the condition of your listings, you must remove your previous listings and create new ones. You can not assign a different condition to an already existing SKU.


Uploading new inventory and changes on your listings to Amazon

• Click on 'Upload' in the toolbar, and select the appropriate action from the drop-down menu

1. Add new items, remove items marked for delete, and update existing listings

This option is used when creating new listings, this also uploads all changes to Amazon and because of this it will take Seller Central a bit more to process the upload.

2. Update prices for existing listings.

Only updates price. Other fields will not be updated even if they have changed.

3. Update quantities for existing listings.

Only updates quantities. Other fields will not be updated even if they have changed.

4. Remove listings marked for delete

This option removes the items previously marked for delete in the 'Delete from Amazon' column. For more details on how to delete items click here.


• The 'Upload to Amazon' dialog appears.



• In the top section of the dialog you can specify which items you are uploading, the following radio buttons are available:

All items in my inventory

Uploads all items in the inventory database, regardless whether or not the export flag is set.

All items marked for export

Only the items with the export flag set are included in the upload.

Current selected items

Uploads only the items in the current selection, regardless of whether the export flag is set or not.


• In the lower section of the dialog, SellerEngine Plus informs you of what type of upload you are performing.


• Select or deselect the checkbox for 'First get orders to update sold quantities'. It can take several minutes for Amazon to generate your orders report and send it to you.

Note: We strongly recommend using this option. It prevents you from relisting items which have sold since you last downloaded your inventory list. Configure SellerEngine Plus to decrease the quantity for items in your inventory list when you retrieve your orders.


• Select or deselect the checkbox for 'Retrieve processing report from Amazon'. With this option enabled any upload errors returned by Amazon will be visible in the Upload Error column from the inventory grid. If instead you only want to see a notification for when the upload has been completed deselect this option.


• Finally, verify that your selections are correct, and click the 'Upload my Items' button. The status bar appears in the lower portion of the dialog box.

When the upload is complete, another popup window will show up giving you the Batch ID for the upload. Click 'Close' to return to your inventory.


• Once you upload a batch it can take Amazon up to a half hour to update your listings. It can take longer if you are uploading (changes for) an especially large inventory.

After uploading you can check the status of the upload on Seller Central by going to Inventory > Add products via upload, and looking in the lower half of the page for the processing reports. You can track an upload using its ID, this is provided in Seller Engine Plus after clicking 'Upload my Items'.


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