Item Info Tab

The Item Info Tab is located in the lower portion of the SellerEngine Plus window. It is populated with all the information available for the item you have selected in the Inventory list.



There are four sections displayed. Each heading is in blue bold letters, and can be expanded or collapsed using the '+' or '-' icon to its left:

Field Value
Item type The following item types can be added, edited and managed with SellerEnginePlus: Books, DVD, VHS, Music, Video Games, Electronics, Camera and Photo, Software and Computer. They are all displayed in the Add drop-down menu.
SKU SKU is the unique identifier used to keep track of your listings. Clicking on this will open the SKU Configuration dialog.
Product ID Scanned bar code, ASIN/ISBN/UPC/EAN .
Product ID Type Specifies what type of Product ID is displayed in the ASIN/ISBN/UPC/EAN field.
Condition Once an item has been listed you cannot change its condition without removing and relisting it. Select conditions from a drop-down menu of standard Amazon conditions.
Price Your listing price for the item.
Quantity The number of items of this description which you have available for sale.
Comments The information typed here will be displayed as the Item Note for the item. Comments are also editable in the Description field of the Inventory Item dialog.
Open Date Date when the item was first listed on Amazon. Can only be retrieved by an open listings report.
Browse Path   The path to take when browsing on for a specific item. Sample browse path: Foreign Language:Spanish:Drama This Zshop field is editable in the Add and Edit inventory item dialogues.
Image URL The web location for the image for the item. Also editable in the Add and Edit inventory item dialogues.
Flag checkboxes Flags can be set here for: delete, export to amazon and no reprice.
Shipping options Checkbox for expedited shipping and drop-down menu for shipping destinations


Field Value
Title The title of the product. It is automatically retrieved from Amazon.
Manufacturer Company that provides item (The publisher in the case of books).
Release date Item release date (by publisher).
Media Hardback, paperback, etc.
Media number Number of items contained in an item (for example a book can consist of 2 volumes or an audio disc of 2 cds).
Item status Local-only field.
Location Local-only field used for keeping track of any location data you might need about your item.
Paid price The price you originally paid for the item (value can be set when adding or editing an item).
Weight Weight of the item. Provided by Amazon if available.
User Data Local-only field.


More (displayed fields are different, according to the type of the item)
Item Type Displayed Fields
Books Authors, Editions, Size.
DVD UPC, Rating, Encoding, Format, Studio, Director, Starring
VHS UPC, Rating, Encoding, Format, Studio, Director, Starring
Music UPC, Artists
Video Games UPC, Rating, Age Group, Platform
Electronics UPC, MPN
Software UPC, Platform
Computer UPC, Platform


Field Value
Megaseller Price Shows price belonging to the bucket of offers that most likely contains the Amazon price. If no megaseller type offer is available for this item, a price will not appear.
List Price The item's MSRP, what the publisher recommends that the retailer sell the book for. Amazon almost always sells below this, as do independent sellers.
Sales Rank Displays the Amazon sales rank for the item. This can vary dramatically from hour to hour, so use this column with care.
Lowest Price The lowest price on Amazon (including other sellers).
Average Price The average price on Amazon.
Highest Price The highest price on Amazon (including other sellers).
Availability Whether Amazon and other sellers have the book in stock.


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