Customize Inventory Grid

You can change the order in which information about your items is displayed within the SellerEngine Plus inventory grid by using the Customize Columns dialog.



  1. To access the Customize Columns dialog, choose one of the following methods:
    • Right-Click anywhere in the Inventory list and select Customize Grid Columns from the right-click menu that appears;
    • From the View menu, select Customize Columns;
    • Click the Customize Grid Columns button available in the Pricer toolbar.
  2. The dialog will appear. In the top part of this dialog you will see a list of all the available columns.
  3. Check the box next to each column you want to see displayed.
  4. To change the relative position of a column:
    • Highlight the column whose position you wish to change.
    • Use the green arrows below the list to change its position in the list of columns.
    • You can also rearrange columns by dragging-and-dropping them through the grid once they're selected. You can select multiple columns when doing a drag-and-drop.
  5. To change the color of the background or text of the column, use the drop-down menus next to each column name to select the colors of your choice.
  6. To see the time as well as the date on which the listings were opened, check the box for the Show date and time in Open Date column option.
  7. Using the Grid Theme dropdown, you can choose a theme for the way your inventory list is displayed.
  8. Click 'OK' once you are done with customizing your inventory grid. SellerEngine Plus applies your changes to the display of your inventory.
  9. To Save your Inventory Grid customization use the Save button; use the Load button to enable a previously saved customization.


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