Lookup Titles on Amazon

When you want to verify info on an item in the Amazon catalog or when you add new items, if you do not have the Product ID of the item you can use the Lookup Titles feature (Ctrl+L). 


You need to use keywords to search the Amazon catalog for the item you want to look up, review the results, then import the item you want directly into your SellerEngine Plus inventory.

NOTE: Item look up is limited to 10 search results as per the new Amazon API.


To lookup on Amazon:

  1. Access the Lookup Titles on Amazon dialog by one of the following methods:
    • Select 'Lookup Titles on Amazon' from the 'Inventory' menu or press Ctrl+L.
    • Click on the magnifying glass icon next to the 'Title' field in the Edit Inventory Item dialog or the Add Inventory Item dialog.
  1. The 'Lookup on Amazon' dialog appears. Type the title into the 'Product Title' field.
  2. Select the product type from the 'Product Category' drop-down menu, or select 'All'.
  3. Click on 'Start Search'
  4. Possible matches will appear in a list under 'Results'. Select the correct item from the list. Note: If your item is not in the list, Amazon might not have a product page for your item. You can go to Amazon's website and add a product page for it there. When your product is successfully added to the Amazon Catalog, you will be able to list it through SellerEngine Plus.
  5. Click 'Copy product data into Editor'. The item will appear in the New Inventory Item dialog.



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