Use a barcode scanner

For fast product entry use a barcode scanner with SellerEngine Plus. The scanner should be configured to send the barcode with a carriage return at the end.

SellerEngine Plus works with any scanner which can send this data to your computer.

Note: The scanner should not send any other values to SellerEngine Plus. If you prefer not to configure it to send the carriage return, simply press the enter key after scanning an item's barcode.


Suggested workflow

  1. Create a template for the items you will be entering.
  2. If you need to add specific information for each item as you enter it, set the tab order so that when you enter one product, you are automatically ready to enter the information for the next. By default, ProductID is the first field with the cursor focus.
  3. Tab to the ProductID field and scan your item if necessary. The item will be added and the 'New Inventory Item' dialog is ready for scanning the next item.
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