Product IDs

Product IDs are codes used to identify a particular item. They are usually found on the packaging and/or back cover of the item. If an item was produced prior to the codes being standardized, it may still be available for sale on Amazon. You will also find the Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASIN) on the Amazon catalog page for the item, and in the software you can use the Title Lookup feature to find an item and add it to your inventory. SellerEngine Plus can tell which kind of Product ID you have entered and it will automatically retrieve information about the item.



When entering ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers), do not include hyphens. ISBNs may have 10 or 13 digits. If a 10-digit ISBN ends with the letter X, be sure to include it.




When entering UPCs (Universal Product Codes) make sure you include the smaller numbers on the left and right sides of the bar code too.




ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) are 10-character alphanumerical codes unique to each Amazon catalog page. You can find the ASIN on the item's product information page on Amazon websites:




EANs (European Article Numbers) are based on the UPC (Universal Product Code) used in the USA and Canada to standardize article numbering. EAN is the industry standard for retail goods and is found on over 90% of food products.



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