The sorter allows you to set up rules using criteria such as Sales Rank or competition prices to determine whether or not it's worth keeping an item in your inventory, sending it to FBA, or discarding it altogether.

The sorter creates two kinds of rules, keepers and throwers, which alert you to either keep the items and list them, or to discard them or postpone listing them. One sorter rule can have multiple keepers and throwers, or can be made up of just one keeper or one thrower.


To Create a Sorter

1) Open the sorter either form the Edit window or from the Quick Add tab.

Edit window:

Quick Add Window:


2) Name the sorter filter



3) Select the type of filter to be configured: Keeper, which will set the value to keep if the condition is met, or Thrower, which sets the value to throw if the condition is not met.

4) Previously configured filters can be edited by going to the Modify filter area and selecting a filter to modify from the drop down list.

5) Click 'Next' to go to the configuration window.



6) Set values from the drop down list to define a filter rule.

7) For each condition there are three actions:

Condition Actions
Condition Action
Add condition Adds a new condition to the filter. The two conditions are connected with a AND or OR connector
Remove condition Removes the condition from the filter
Expand condition Expands the current condition, allowing for a more advanced filtering.

8) After the conditions are set, name the filter and press NEXT to go to the final step of the Sorter Wizard where you are presented with three choices:

  • Finish
  • Add a new keeper to the sorter
  • Add a new thrower to the sorter

Adding a new keeper or thrower to the sorter will create an OR statement.

9) When you have added all the conditions you need to this sorter, click Finish.




To apply a sorter to your items:

  1. Create a sorter.

  2. Assign the sorter to your inventory through the Edit dialog, or add new items through the Quick Add window, with your sorter selected.

  3. Run a price check if you chose to add the sorter to items already in inventory.

  4. Right click on the items and then click on Run Sorter. 

The results will appear in the 'SorterResult' column from the inventory grid. If you cannot find this column in the grid, it means that you need to make it visible using the Customize Inventory Grid option.

When entering items through the Quick Add tab, an alert will play as the item is sorted. The Sorter Result column contains the result of the filter, and the Sorter column shows the name of the sorter used.


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