Use 'Add New Item' Templates

When adding new items, you can save your settings for faster data entry. You can save a separate template for each product type.

Note: You can use any of the generically dubbed templates to add items belonging to any product group. 


Create a template

1. Access the Add Inventory Item or Edit Inventory Item dialog.


2. Enter data which applies to the set of items you are adding. Example: If you have a stack of books all in condition 'Used - Like New', with the same paid price of let's say $1.00 for each book, and you want to assign the same reprice schema, first set the values in their respective fields.


3. Click on the button that says 'Save as [item type] tempate'. The dialog box will turn blue, and the fields you have edited will show in cream or white with a green disk icon indicating that the field will be saved as a part of your template.


4. If you do not want one of the fields included, click on it to blue it out. You can add a field as part of your template by clicking on it, unless it has an x through it. These fields cannot be preset.


5. Click 'Save'. A dialog box will appear letting you know you have saved the template. Click 'OK'.


6. Continue adding/editing inventory, or cancel the Add or Edit Inventory Item dialog. The next time you open the Add or Edit Inventory Item dialog for the same product type, SellerEngine Plus will display your template settings. To change them, simply repeat these steps.

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