Edit Description Phrases


In the Edit dialog and New Inventory Item dialog, you can type in your own Item Notes (a.k.a. listing description or condition notes), or select them from a list. Follow steps below to add new generic phrases to the list of frequently used descriptions:

1. In the Edit or New Inventory Item dialog, click on the Description Icon. 

2. At the very top of the phrase list that appears, click on 'Edit Phrases'.

3. In the 'Edit Phrases' text editor which appears:

 • Delete any phrases you do not wish to see in the list.

 • Type in your new phrases, with line breaks separating different phrases. Multiple line breaks in a row will add a horizontal divider bar in the phrase list display.

4. To close the 'Edit Phrases' text editor, click on the red x in the upper right hand corner of the 'Edit Phrases' dialog.

5. The 'Warning' dialog appears.

 • Choose 'Yes' if you would like to save your changes.
 • Choose 'No' if you would like to discard your changes.
 • Click 'Cancel' to continue editing the list.

6. To add one of your phrases to your description, click on the Description Icon and select a phrase from the list. The phrase you selected will be appended to your comments in the description field.

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