Set the Tab order in the 'Edit' dialog

When editing or adding an item, the tab key causes the cursor focus to move through the fields in the order specified in the 'Set Tab Order' dialog.


Set the order in which the tab key moves the cursor through the fields

1. From the 'Edit' dialog or 'New Inventory Item' dialog, click on the 'Set Tab Order' button.


2. All the available fields are listed. The one at the top of the list is the field in which the cursor focus will be when you first open the 'Edit' or 'New Inventory Item' dialog for the product type you are adding. The order in which the fields are listed is the order in which the tab key will move the cursor through the fields.


3. To change the order in which the fields are listed, select the field you would like to move, then use the green 'Move Up' / 'Move Down' buttons.


4. When the fields are listed in the desired order, click 'OK'.


5. SellerEngine Plus remembers the order of fields and automatically saves it as part of the template for the item type you are adding or editing.


6. Each of the default templates (Book, DVD, VHS, etc.) can have its own tab order.

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