Using the 'Edit' dialog


Edit items using the Edit Inventory Item dialog

  • To access the Edit Inventory Item dialog, first select the item(s) you wish to edit from your inventory list, then take one of the following actions:
    • In the Toolbar, click on the 'Edit' icon ► 
    • From the Inventory menu, select 'Edit Selected Item(s)'.
    • Press Ctrl+E on your keyboard.
    • Double click on a selected item.


  • Make any desired changes to your item(s).
    • If multiple items are selected, the information from the first item selected appears in the dialog.
    • Any changes you make will be applied to all the selected items.
    • Fields you do not change will stay unchanged in the items not displayed.
  • Click 'OK' to apply your changes to the item(s).


Field Value


Item Details

Product ID Scanned bar code, ISBN, EAN, ASIN, or UPC
Magnifying glass and globe icon Action: Opens Amazon's web page of listings for the Product ID entered in your browser.
Released Date item was released - value retrieved from Amazon.
Title Title of item - value retrieved from Amazon.
Magnifying glass icon Action: Opens the Lookup on Amazon window.
Manufacturer Company which provides the item; publisher in the case of books - value retrieved from Amazon.
Custom Condition Value set by user to use when editing SKU and item description in order to differentiate between identical items in slightly different conditions.
Condition Once an item has been listed you cannot change its condition without removing and relisting it. Select a condition from a drop-down menu of standard Amazon conditions.
Note: Item conditions will be ranked differently when repriced and sorted if a different conditions order has been specified in the Item>Preferences>Item Conditions.
Media Hardback, paperback, etc. - value retrieved from Amazon.
Media Number Number of items contained included with the product (for example, a book may consist of 2 volumes or an audio recording of 2 CDs) - value retrieved from Amazon.
Weight Weight of the item - value retrieved from Amazon.
Weight icon Action: allows you to select a unit of weight measurement.


Amazon Information

Merchant SKU The Merchant assigned Stock Keeping Unit. Once an item is listed, you cannot change its SKU without removing the item and relisting it.
Local SKU A local Stock Keeping Unit. Can be automatically assigned or entered manually - used for internal purposes only.
Browse Path The path to take when browsing on for a specific item. Sample browse path: Foreign Language:Spanish:Drama
Image URL Web location for an image of the item.
Tax Code Applies tax code specific to certain item types
Asin 1 ASIN for alternate publication of the same product.
Asin 2 ASIN for alternate publication of the same product.
Asin 3 ASIN for alternate publication of the same product.


Selling Details

Price Your listing price for the item.
Paid Price The price you paid for the item.
Quantity The Inventory Quantity available for the SKU.
Shipping Fee Your shipping fee.
Ship To Select from drop-down menu. Default is set to United States only, and 'International' means international shipping is available.
Location This field can be used to track additional information about the location of MFN items in your warehouse.
Expedited Shipping Check the box if you want expedited shipping available for the item - legacy field
Minimum Price The minimum price for which you are willing to sell the item. This can be referenced in your reprice schemas.
Maximum Price The maximum price for which you want to sell the item. This too can be referenced in your reprice schemas.
Reprice Schema Select one of your reprice schemas from the drop-down menu to apply it to the item.
No Reprice Checking this option ensures the item does not get repriced.
In Shipment(s) Shows whether or not the item is currently included in a shipment.
Print Label Check the box to print a label for the item when the dialog is closed.
Required Shows a sample of the color in which required fields are highlighted.


Sorter file

Sorter Drop-down menu displaying names of all configured sorters. The selected sorter is applied to the item being entered.
Sorter Wizard button Opens the sorter wizard from which you may create or edit a sorter.


More Details for *Item Type template*

User Data This is a blank field for the user to add any data he needs to the items, like a personal note on the item or something used to differentiate certain groups of items from the rest of the inventory
Product Group Displays the main category to which the item belongs - retrieved from Amazon 
Authors Authors and/or Editors of the item - value retrieved from Amazon.
Edition Enter edition of the media item. For non-media items this shows the Product Group to which the item belongs.
Size Enter size description for the item.
Item note / Description The information typed here will be displayed as the Item Note for the item.
Description button Action: Opens the list of commonly used phrases. Selecting one will append it to the contents of your Description field. Selecting 'Edit Phrases' from the list allows you to edit the list of phrases.



Green Left / Right Arrows Left arrow changes the information displayed to the previous item in your inventory list. Right arrow changes the information displayed to the next item in your inventory list.
Save as Template Action: Allows you to modify the template for the item type you are editing.
Set Tab Order Action: opens Customize Tab Order dialog to assign the order in which you can tab through the fields while entering data.
View Data Entry History Action: Opens the Data Entry History dialog.


Edit item from the right click drop-down list

First select the item(s) you wish to edit from your inventory list. Then right-click anywhere in the selection and the drop-down list will display options that are not available in the Edit dialog.

 Right click options

Set offer to AFN/MFN Set your item as Amazon Fulfilled (AFN) or Merchant Fulfilled (MFN).
Set Pricer Flags Set no reprice: the price of the item will not be modified during repricing, but set to the recommended value field
Set no reprice for selected items and clear for the rest: will set the no reprice only for selected items
Clear no reprice: reprice flag will be unchecked for all selected items, if previously set
Set Amazon Flags Will assign/clear the Export/Delete flag for the item
Change price to previous/recommended value The price of the item will be reset to either the value prior to repricing (for items modified by repricing) or to the value set by repricing to the Recommended value field and not set to the price field (for items marked with the 'no reprice' flag)
Change Item Type One or more selected items of your choice can be changed to a different item type
Reassign SKU Values The SKU can be changed for the selected items. Note: assigning a different SKU to an item will create a new listing. which will NOT replace/update the old listing on Amazon, but add to your inventory as a new product
Replace Comments Comments can be edited for a selection of multiple items at a time
Raise/Lower selected prices by Prices can be simultaneously edited for a selection of items


Edit item in the Item Info window

  1. In your inventory list, select the item you would like to edit.
  2. Click on the 'Item Info' tab in the lower portion of your screen.
  3. Click on the value of the field you would like to edit. Depending on the field chosen, a drop-down menu will appear, you will be able to enter text, or the field will be unavailable for editing.
  4. Your changes will immediately show up in the inventory grid.


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