Delete Items

Delete items from SellerEngine Plus inventory database only

  1. Select the item(s) you want to delete.
  2. Delete the item(s) using one of the following methods:
    • Look in the toolbar near the top of the window and find the black x with the word 'Delete' next to it. Click on the x. When prompted, confirm that you want to delete the item. Note: You can choose not to be prompted from Preferences, go to File > Preferences > Confirmations.
    • From the Inventory menu, choose 'Delete Selected Item(s)'.
    • Press the 'Delete' button on your keyboard.

Note: If you delete SKUs currently listed on Amazon from the db they will not also be deleted from Amazon automatically; for that you have to upload your listings to Amazon with the 'Delete from Amazon' flag set.

Note: Items that are in a shipment cannot be deleted from the inventory database. First you have to either remove the item from the shipment or delete the shipment from the software. 


Automatically mark for 'Delete from Amazon' merchant-fulfilled items that have sold

  1. From the File menu, select 'Preferences';
  2. In the Preferences window, click 'Orders Settings';
  3. Make sure the check box is set to 'Delete item from inventory when quantity reaches zero' (You will need to check the 'Decrease quantity [...]' checkbox as well, and will probably want to download your orders before uploading so you don't relist items that have sold);
  4. Click 'OK';
  5. When you download your orders, the quantities will be decreased and items will be marked to be deleted from Amazon on the next upload.


Set the Inventory Quantity of an item to 0

  1. In the inventory view, look for the 'Inventory Quantity' column. If it is not showing, customize your column display so that it shows.
  2. Click on the number which shows the quantity for your item in the inventory quantity column.
  3. Use the small arrow which appears to set your quantity to 0.
  4. You can also do this in bulk by selecting all the items for which you want to decrease the quantity, then clicking the Edit button and changing the quantity to zero.


Delete listings from Amazon

  1. In the inventory view, make sure the 'Export to Amazon' flag is set for all items that you want to list, update, or delete from Amazon, and not set for those listings you do not wish to modify.
  2. To delete an item from your Amazon MFN inventory while keeping it in your inventory list, set the 'Delete From Amazon' flag for that item.
  3. Upload your inventory to Amazon.
    • Listings with a quantity of 0 will be deleted from Amazon.
    • Listings with both the 'Delete From Amazon' flag and the 'Export to Amazon' flag will be deleted from Amazon.


Watch our tutorial video on deleting zero quantity items


Important Note: Media items uploaded with the "Delete from Amazon" flag set will have their listings on Amazon closed by default, so that you can reuse the SKUs later by relisting.

If you sell Media Items and want to completely remove listings from your Seller Central account you need to make sure that in Preferences > Upload Options the 'Completely Remove Listings' option is selected for 'Delete Type for Media Items'.

If you want to do a complete purge we suggest you to do it through your Amazon account directly, using the "Upload Multiple Items" section.

Or, you can still use SellerEngine with the following workaround:

- mark all items for deletion in SellerEngine (the Delete from Amazon column);
- export inventory to file using the Export menu > Export Inventory to File > Amazon Uploader, Finish;
- open the text file you just exported with a text editor (Wordpad) and replace: " d " with " x " in the Add-Delete column;
- save the file;
- login to your Amazon account, Upload Multiple Items section, select the "Type of file you are uploading: " as "Inventory Loader" , browse and select the file on your computer with the inventory you just exported from SE and edited and press "Upload Now"

Check the upload status report in few minutes, for any errors. If there are no errors, all your SKUs should be removed from the Amazon account at this time.

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