Email Customers

With SE+ you can send emails to your customers straight from the Orders tab.

To get the orders from Amazon click the 'Acquire Orders' button visible in the image above. Keep in mind that this screen only shows merchant-fulfilled orders. To start sending emails follow the steps below.


Configure your email client

You can use the default Windows email client or the SellerEngine Plus email client to send emails to your customers. Configure the email client in your Preferences.


Send Email

View your orders, and start your email with one of the following methods:

• Select an order then click on the envelope icon next to the 'Buyer Email' field in the 'Customer Details' section found in the lower-half of the screen.

• Right click on one order or a selection of orders (to send the same email in bulk to all customers from the selection of orders), then click the 'Send email' option, then choose between sending emails using a predefined template or just send one without a template.


Manage Templates

The SellerEnginePlus email client allows you to create and manage email templates that will help you save time with composing emails.

Option Definition
Send without template Simply create a new email, not using a template.
Send with template Choose one of your saved templates, and base your email off of it.
Create template Write a sample email, give it a name, and save it for future use.
Modify template Select one of your templates, change it, and save your changes.
Delete template Remove templates you have created. They will no longer be available for use.


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