Retrieve Orders


SellerEngine Plus can download your MFN orders from Amazon from the last 60 days or import them from a file. You can also configure SellerEngine Plus to decrease the quantity for items in your inventory list when they are ordered. Pending orders are not recorded by SellerEngine Plus. You may also export your orders to a .csv file which will allow you to import them into other software.

View Orders

  1. To access the orders screen click on the 'Orders' tab to the right side of the inventory tab.
  2. Each order has its data displayed in list form. If you select an order by clicking on it, you will see the details for that order displayed in the lower half of the screen.

Acquire Orders From Amazon

  1. Download your orders from Amazon using one of the following methods:
  2. SellerEngine Plus downloads your orders and displays them in your Orders list.

Acquire Orders From a File

SellerEngine Plus can import your orders from a tab delimited text file, with columns in the same order as the Amazon Orders files. The columns supported follow:

order-id, order-item-id, payments-date, payments-transaction-id, item-name, listing-id, sku, price, shipping-fee, quantity-purchased, total-price, total-price, purchase-date, batch-id, special-comments, upc, VAT, buyer-email, buyer-name, recipient-name, ship-address-1, ship-address-2, ship-city, ship-state, ship-zip, ship-country, deleted, new-order, notes, ship-method, tracking-number. See the predefined formats for examples.

  1. From the 'Orders' menu, select 'Import Orders from File'.
  2. The 'Open' dialog appears. Browse to the file containing your orders.
  3. Click 'Open'
  4. A dialog box appears asking you whether to decrease quantity in your inventory for these orders. Click 'Yes' or 'No'.
  5. Your orders appear in the Orders list.

Export Orders to a File

  1. In the Orders view, click on 'Export to File'.
  2. In the dialog box, choose whether you want all the orders exported, or just those with a specific status.
  3. Click 'OK'.
  4. In the 'Export Orders to File' dialog which appears, browse to the folder in which you wish to store your orders file, and type in a name for the file.
  5. Click 'Save'. Your file will be saved with the .csv file extension. This file can be reimported to SellerEngine Plus, opened in a text editor or spread sheet editor, or imported into the other application of your choice.

 Note: This option is for MFN orders only. FBA orders are not currently supported.

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