Run a Price Check

Running a price check gets the software to calculate new prices in the Price column without uploading price changes to Amazon. You can run a price check to:

• retrieve information from Amazon;
• calculate new prices with retrieved data;
• test reprice schemas;

You have two Reprice buttons available:


► Get New Price Data and Reprice

  • Retrieves data from Amazon for your item, including competition information and biblio data about the item;
  • Populates data in the Price Check Tab and the Inventory List (on first reprice action only);
  • Applies a price change to items selected for reprice that have a reprice schema assigned.


► Reprice With Existing Data 

This button does not get new information from Amazon, but uses the previously retrieved competition data to apply price changes indicated by the item's assigned reprice schema. This option is usually useful when you want to test a schema after you made changes to it.



Run a Price Check workflow

Assign reprice schemas to items before repricing them

  • Select items to which you would like to assign a schema, here you can use the 'Action for' drop-down menu found in the pricer toolbar.
  • In the toolbar, click 'Edit'.
  • In the Edit Inventory Item dialog which appears, use the drop-down menu next to the words 'Reprice Schema' near the bottom of the dialog to choose the reprice schema you'd like to apply to the selected items, then click OK.

Start the repricer

  • Click 'Get New Price Data and Reprice' or 'Reprice with Existing Data' in the Pricer Toolbar.
  • If one or more SKUs in the selection don't have a reprice schema assigned a Reprice Help Tool window pops up prompting you to assign a schema to those items. 

Check progress as the price check runs

  • At the bottom of the SellerEngine Plus window the status of your price check is displayed. Double-click on it to view the Pricing Statistics window:

  • Each item that is in the process of being checked displays a magnifying glass item in the Price Check Status column of the inventory list.
  • Each item waiting to be price checked displays a red circular arrow in the Price Check Status column.
  • When an item has been checked, the price you have assigned to the item is flagged with the appropriate icon. Configure the meanings of the flags from the Price Status Flags Dialog.
  • Review the results of your price check. You may wish to modify and rerun your reprice schemas or manually adjust your items' prices.

Undo repricing

  • The reprice system stores the price each item had assigned to it before the reprice in the Last Price column. To revert to the last price:

    • Select the items you want to edit.
    • Right click on the inventory and choose Change Price to Previous Value.


NOTE: Price checking and/or repricing does not change your listings on Amazon. Once you have reviewed your changes, you need to upload to Amazon.


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