Import items from files

Inventory Import Wizard

Import inventory items from tab delimited or comma separated text files:

  1. To access the Inventory Import Wizard use one of these methods:
    • From the File menu, select 'Import', and click on 'Import Inventory'
    • Click on the 'Import' button in the main toolbar and choose 'Import From File' from the drop-down menu which appears.

  2. Type the file location in the text entry box, or click the icon to the right of the text entry box and browse to the file location, and click 'Open'.
  3. If your file is in one of the predefined formats:
    • Select the radio button for 'Predefined (will be imported automatically)'.
    • From the drop-down menu select the format of your file.
    • Click 'Next'.
  4. If your file is in another format:
    • Select the radio button for 'Custom'.
    • Click 'Next'.
    • A dialog box will ask you if you want the wizard to automatically match the column names for you. Click 'Yes' or 'No'.
    • A preview of your file will appear, with the column headings from your file at the top and the SellerEngine Plus headings listed at the bottom. By default the checkbox for 'First line is the header' is selected. If the first line of your tab delimited file does not contain column names, uncheck this box.


    • For each column, make sure that the correct field is assigned. You can change the assignment, or create a new one by clicking on the column heading, then using the drop down menu next to the words 'Selected column matches' to choose the correct SellerEngine Plus column for your fields.
    • When you have assigned the columns, click 'Save Pattern'. It will allow you to save the pattern, and in the future if you use the same file format to upload again, you can just click 'Load Pattern' and choose the pattern you saved, and all the fields will be assigned in the same way as this one.
    • Click 'Finish'.
  5. Your file imports. When the import is complete, click the 'Close' button in the Inventory Import Wizard and the items will appear in SellerEngine Plus. If you already have items in inventory which share the imported sku, the Import Duplicates Wizard appears.

See Import items from your Amazon account for information on downloading listings from Amazon.


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