Import Duplicates Dialog

When importing your listings from Amazon, if the information downloaded from Amazon differs from the information already stored in your SE Plus inventory for a particular SKU, then the Import Duplicates dialog appears.


The Import Duplicates dialog allows you to determine whether or not to update your inventory in the software with the information currently available on Amazon for your listings. The dialog box has two panels: on the left side there is a list of imported fields which are different from the inventory database while on the right side you have a list of items for which the selected field on the left does not match with what's imported.


To update your SKUs:

  1. Click on the first field name in the list to the left.
  2. In the right panel you will see a check box ('Update'), the product ID (ProductID), title (Title), field value which is stored in SellerEngine Plus ([field_name]), and the field value which was retrieved from Amazon ('New [field name]').
  3. If you wish to replace the information stored in SellerEngine Plus for that SKU with the new information from Amazon:
    • Check the 'Update' checkbox for the item(s).
    • Click on 'Update [field_name] for the selected Items'.
  4. If you wish to leave your information in SellerEngine Plus for that field, do not check the 'Update' checkbox.
  5. If there are more Fields Not Matching listed in the left panel, click on the next one in the list and repeat steps 1-4 for each field listed.
  6. Once you're done updating, click the 'Close' button.


Here is a tutorial video that walks you through the steps above:

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