Quick Add

The Quick Add Tab is located in the bottom half part of screen, next to the Item Info, Price Check and FBA Shipments Manager. FBA users can add items from the Quick add tab or from the add dialog.


Quick Add tab fields 

Field Action
Product ID Enter a Product ID manually or with a scanner.
Merchant SKU Press the Edit SKU Configuration button next to to generate the pattern which creates Merchant SKUs for the items you add.
Local SKU Press the Edit SKU Configuration button next to the Local SKU field to create the pattern which will create Local SKUs for the items you add.
Condition Specify the Amazon condition of your item.
Custom Condition Here you can add a custom condition to the item that you want to add. You can set the custom condition from the Edit Custom Conditions button located next to the Custom Conditions button. Here you can create a custom condition, save it or delete it.
Quantity Enter the number of items which you are adding to the listing.
Add Cases When checked, two new fields replace the Quantity field (as shown in the screen shot above):
  • Units per case - allows you to specify how many units there are in a case
  • Number of Cases - allows you to specify how many cases you want to send in
Price / Item Enter the price you would like to charge for the listing.
Paid Price / Item Enter the price you paid for the item.
Print Label Check the button to print labels as you enter the items.
Tax Code Select the tax code for the item from the drop down available.
Batteries Required Specify if the product needs batteries; when enabled you get these additional options (see also screen shot above): Are Batteries Included and Battery Cell Composition.
Supplier Dg Hz Regulation Allows fo specifying if an item is made of or contains hazardous materials according to international regulations. When enabled it allows you to specify a set of details about the item. These details should be made available by the manufacturer or distributor.
Sorter Assign a sorter to the items you are adding.
Reprice Schema Assign a Reprice Schema to the items you are adding.
Description Assign a description for your item. Select the book icon to edit and save frequently used phrases.
Add Item (In inventory and shipment) Adds an item to your inventory and to the current shipment. If there is not an open/working shipment, one is created.
Keep shipments in sync with Amazon Checking this option you automatically upload changes made to shipments to which items are added.


If there are any FBA errors when adding items to a shipment, they will be displayed instantly on screen in the 'errors' column and the item is marked in red color in the shipment grid. This way there is the option to remove the item from the shipment before submitting it to Amazon.

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