File Locations

SellerEngine Plus on your computer

SellerEngine Plus installations adds files and registry entries to your computer. If you need to back up or restore your system, it can be useful to know where SellerEngine Plus stores the relevant information. Following is an overview:

The default installation directory for SellerEngine Plus using Windows XP is C:\Program Files\SellerEngine Plus[UK|DE], but it may be installed to any directory. If you are running on Vista, for best functionality install to a directory outside of Program Files.  The default installation directory for SellerEngine Plus using Windows 7 is C:\Users\Vali\AppData\Roaming\SellerEngine Plus [UK|DE].

The paths mentioned below are the default for Windows XP users but they should change according to your installation directory and/or operating system. 

  • By default, your inventory and orders are stored in the database:
    C:\Program Files\SellerEngine Plus [DE|UK]\db\seplus.mdb
    If you have multiple databases set up, they will have the name and file location you assigned them with the .mdb file extension.
  • Data entry templates:
     C:\Program Files\SellerEngine Plus [UK|DE]\db\template\*.xml
  • Description phrases list:
     C:\Program Files\SellerEngine Plus [UK|DE]\db\phrase.txt
  • Reprice schemas:
     C:\Program Files\SellerEngine Plus [UK|DE]\db\reprice\*.xml
  • Custom saved searches:
     C:\Program Files\SellerEngine Plus [UK|DE]\query\inv\*.seqry
  • Custom import/export definitions:
     C:\Program Files\SellerEngine Plus [UK|DE]\db\layout\*.xml
  • If you changed the display of your inventory/window, you will find the config files here:
     C:\Program Files\SellerEngine Plus [UK|DE]\*.ini
  • Your SKU settings and preferences are in the registry. To access them follow these steps:
  1. From your start menu, choose 'Run'
  2. In the dialog box that appears, type 'regedit.exe' and click 'OK'
  3. Click on 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER' in the browser in the left panel.
  4. Click on 'Software'
  5. Click on 'SellerEngine'
  6. Click on 'SellerEngine Plus [UK|DE]'
  7. Click on 'Inventory'
  • Files created when uploading/downloading to Amazon
    Note: these are overwritten each time you perform the associated operation. If you want to back them up, copy them to another location before your next upload or download.
  • The inventory you uploaded to Amazon
    C:\Program Files\SellerEngine Plus [UK|DE]\~lastuploader.txt
  • The inventory you downloaded from Amazon
    C:\Program Files\SellerEngine Plus [UK|DE]\~lastopenlist.txt
    C:\Program Files\SellerEngine Plus [UK|DE]\reports\full_inventory_yyyy-mm-dd_zzzzzzzzzz.csv
  • The orders you downloaded from Amazon
    C:\Program Files\SellerEngine Plus [UK|DE]\~lastorders.txt


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