Predefined File Formats

Predefined File Formats

Formats for Inventory Imports/Exports

  • SellerEngine Plus Exported Inventory
     Tab delimited file with .txt extension.
  • Amazon Tab Separated
     Tab delimited file with .txt extension.
  • Exported Inventory
  • SellerEngine Item Report
    Tab delimited file with extension .txt. This is the format used by the old SellerEngine 3.5. Example not available.
  • HomeBase Inventory. Example not available at this time.
  • FillZ/UIEE
  • Amazon-fulfilled (FBA) Inventory
  • Profit Bandit File

Formats for Orders Imports/Exports

Orders can be imported from either the export file that SellerEngine Plus creates, or from a file in the same format as the Amazon Orders Report, tab delimited with the following columns:

  • SellerEngine Plus Order format:
    Tab delimited file with the file extension .csv.
  • Amazon Orders Report format:
    Tab delimited file with file extension .txt.


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