Toolbars Overview


At the top of the SellerEngine Plus window there are two main toolbars:

  • the Inventory toolbar which is always displayed;
  • the Pricer toolbar, which may be hidden.


Inventory Toolbar


Available Button Description
View Item Type Opens a drop-down menu. Select an item type. Your inventory list will show only items of the type you selected. The default selection is 'All'.
Magnifying Glass Icon / Search Opens the Search Inventory dialog.
Import Opens a drop-down menu from which you may choose to Import From File or Download and Import Listings from Amazon.
Export Opens a drop-down menu from which you may:
Upload Opens a drop-down menu which allows you to upload your inventory to Amazon.
  • Add new items, remove items marked for export, and update existing listings
  • Update prices for existing listings
  • Update quantities for existing listings 
  • Remove listings marked for delete
Add Opens a drop-down menu from which you choose which template to open in order to add new items to your inventory.
Book and Pencil Icon / Edit Opens the Edit dialog for the item(s) selected in your inventory list.
Black X icon / Delete Deletes the selected item(s) from your inventory list.
Printer Icon Prints SKU/UPC labels for the selected items.
Set Amazon Flags Opens a drop-down menu for setting Export toDelete from Amazon flags.
SKU Generator Icon Opens the SKU Generator for the selected item(s).
Clone Item Creates duplicate of the selected item(s), with a new SKU.
Selection A drop-down menu appears with options for selecting items in your inventory list.



Pricer Toolbar


Available Button Description
Actions for: (dropdown menu) Selects the items on which you wish to run the price check. The default is Selected Items but you may choose All Items, Items not checked, Items not checked today, or Items not checked in the last 7 days.
Get New Price Data and Reprice Runs a price check on your inventory. In this mode, new information is retrieved from Amazon and your prices are changed according to the reprice schema(s) you have assigned to your item(s).
Reprice with Existing Data In this mode, your prices are changed according to the reprice schema(s) you have assigned to your item(s), using information retrieved from Amazon during the previous price check.
Stop When a price check is in process, this button will become available. It stops the price check which is in progress. All changes already applied by your price check will remain, while items which were queued but not yet checked will be left as they were before the price check commenced, though their price status flag will no longer be set.
Automatic Reprice Opens the Automatic Reprice Options dialog. 
View Log Opens the SE Plus Activity Log window.
Set Pricer Flags Opens a drop-down menu for setting the No Reprice flag.
Piggy Bank icon Changes price to the Last Price assigned to the item before you repriced.
Money icon Changes Price to the Recommended Value.


NOTE: You can enable and disable the Pricer if you right-click anywhere on the main toolbar and then click the Pricer Toolbar option:


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