New SellerEngine Plus Release - 3.2.12

There is a new version of SellerEngine Plus available for download, 3.2.12.

You may find the latest release on our website at
or open your SellerEngine Plus software and it should alert you to the update if you have the alert feature turned on.


SellerEngine Plus 3.2.12 - June 26, 2013

Bug Fixes:
  • The default SKU no longer creates SKUs which could have duplicates or cause errors.
  • Adjusting column widths now works correctly and retains after restarting.
  • Retrieving biblio information the first time is faster.
  • Barcodes on FBA FNSKU labels are larger and adjusted based on the label width.
  • "Listed on Amazon" is retrieved correctly and retrying up to 3 times if the information is missing.
  • Fixed some issues pertaining to installing on Windows 2003/2008 the setup is now checking for msvcrt.dll file in system folder.
  • Fixed some issues with errors showing after retry on internal error.

Known Issues:
  • When importing using "Amazon Tab Separated" format some users may receive an error that the field is too small.
  • When adding an inventory item from the Inventory > Add Other Item > Other Item menu, you receive an error and are unable to add the other item type.

  • We have implemented manual signup of MWS for use when the MWS pipeline is not available.
  • Added ‘My Price’ to the selection list for ‘If I have the Buy Box for this item’ so your price does not change when you have the Buy Box.
  • Tax Code can now be easily set in Quick Add for FBA shipments.
  • Added detailed reprice statistics (click on "Elapsed time" section of the bottom bar). The statistics can be saved in a file and sent to support if the reprice does not seem to be working for further troubleshooting.

Thank you for being part of the SellerEngine Plus community! Please let us know what else we can add to make your job easier.

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