Pricing Rules

Go to Settings > Pricing Rules and click New to begin creating pricing rules for your Smart Lists. Type a name for your Pricing Rule and it will appear in the list of rules.


Choose what type of a pricing rule to create. You have two options to choose from:


Customized  - You will set up the pricing rule from scratch based on the pricing strategy you need to apply. You will have multiple options to combine and use in the setup.

Automatic  - Depending on the current status of your items and your competitors, the Automatic Pricing Rule will apply one of the built-in strategies designed to maximize your revenue while keeping you ahead of the competition.

For more information on how the Automatic Pricing Rule works you can check the full description of the built-in strategy here.

A Customized Rule has three sections: Competition Filters, Pricing Strategy and Buy Box + Exceptions.1.png


Competition Filters

Set up various ways to filter out sellers you don't need or want to compete against. Add multiple competition filters by hitting the ‘+’ symbol.  You can remove an unwanted filters by selecting the ‘-’ symbol.  



Pricing Strategy

Sellery always uses total/landed price (price + shipping) when pricing your items. In this section, you’ll determine what the final competition price is and how to calculate your price using this.  


You can also define what action to take if there are no competitors for your item.



Buy Box + Exceptions

Special cases are EXCEPTIONS to your previously defined Pricing Strategy. So, if a special case applies to an item, the previous rules will be ignored and the pricing parameters defined in the applicable special case will be used. If more than one special case is true and the resulting price calculations are contradictory, the special case which comes closest to the top of the list gets applied.

“If this, then that” clauses. For example: If an item is governed by MAP, you can indicate that value in an item’s MAP Custom field and tell Sellery if that value is available, to always set your price to MAP to avoid MAP violations.


You can add as many special cases to your rule as you’d like by clicking the ‘+’ symbol.  Or remove them using ‘-’.

As always, make sure to hit Save!


You can get a pricing preview in the slide panel at the bottom of the Pricing Rules page by clicking Preview. If the panel remains hidden for any reason, simply click the arrow at the bottom of the screen to bring it back into view. 


On the left side of the Preview panel, you can select the venue you'd like to preview pricing for and browse or search your 'whole inventory' or a particular smart list of your choosing. Once an item has been selected, information on that item will display in the panel such as: Details, Competition, Buy Box & Lowest Prices, and Pricing Log (see below for descriptions). You can add a markup or margin for previewing purposes.11.png

On the right side of the Preview panel, you will see five tabs: Details, Stock, CompetitionBuy Box+Lowest Prices and Pricing Log. The Details tab displays biblio-data about the currently selected item. The 'Stock' tab displays relevant details about your physical stock. The Competition tab displays all competitors for that item on the selected venue. Competitors that would be filtered out according to your competition filters, will be grayed-out in the grid display. You can view competitors by condition or all conditions at once (and see how many sellers in each condition you would be competing against based on your current filters, i.e. new 1/15), view the item on the selected Amazon venue, see when the competition data were last retrieved.


You can also see which seller currently has the Buy Box by looking for the golden or silver star in the far left column. The 'Buy Box + Lowest Prices' tab shows you the offers winning the Buy Box and the lowest prices in each existing condition.


The Pricing Log tab shows the final price that has been calculated for that item according to your Pricing Rules. You can edit your Pricing Rules and check Preview to see what effect the rules have on the prices of your items. Price calculations are displayed in your home venue currency, as well as the currency of the selected venue.


Each change you make while in Preview mode will automatically trigger a new price calculation and you will immediately see the new results.

ProTip: Using the Preview function in the Pricing Rules is a great way to make changes to your strategy and spot-check how they would adjust the prices before committing those changes to your entire inventory/Smart List.

Make sure you save any preview changes you wish to keep!

ProTip: You can clone a Pricing Rule by clicking 'Save as' and entering a new name for the copied rule.




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