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Upload any .csv, .txt, or .xlsx file to adjust information about your stock (quantity, cost, warehouse, condition, and item description), add new Merchant Fulfilled items and create new product pages on Amazon via proxy upload.

To change information about your current stock or add new items that already exist on the Amazon catalog, follow steps below:

Under Settings / Uploads, click the Select File button:


Choose the file you want to upload from your computer and click Open.


Wait a few minutes while your upload is processed...


• When your file is finished processing, information about your file will display. First, you’ll see the name of the file you are currently previewing and an option to upload a different file.

• You can select your delimiter and map your columns to the appropriate labels within Sellery. 

• You'll see a preview of the file you are uploading, as well as color keys showing which columns will be processed and which, if any, won’t be.

• You also need to select the currency for cost if you are uploading cost values. Click on Process Data to start the upload once you are happy with the preview.


Your file will process...


Lastly, you will see a report of your upload.


If the system finds errors in the data you are processing in your upload, it will:
- alert you that a number of rows have failed,
- link up to a quick fix file that shows why each row failed and that you can edit to then re-upload.


Please note, these are errors found by our system, not Amazon. It is possible that Amazon would generate additional errors when they process your upload. Those errors can be seen in your Seller Central account.


Example of a quick fix file:

Simply download the quick fix file, make the necessary changes as indicated by the error message, save the file, and then upload (just the quick fix changes) again.

In the example below, the error was caused by missing Product IDs (ASIN or UPC). The quick fix file automatically filled in the Product ID field since it matched it with the value from previous uploads.


ProTip: When uploading a cost file (SKU, Cost), even if a SKU contained in your cost file isn’t currently in your inventory, the system will store the cost pairing and assign that cost to that SKU once it’s imported into your inventory. The same is true for supplier and lead-time-to-ship values (lead-time-to-ship uploads currently only available for Amazon.com).


You can also use the upload function to send your file to Amazon in order to create new catalogue items. To add new catalogue items, you MUST download the appropriate template from Amazon, fill out the required information and then upload. The proxy upload looks a little different:

The system will look through your file and determine which columns should be forwarded to Amazon and which columns can be skipped. The end results are color coded for your quick and easy reference. Next, you’ll tell the system which of your Amazon accounts to send the items to.

Finally, you will choose how the system will process certain columns. You can tell the system to set your inventory quantity to the value in the file, to add the quantity in the file to the quantity that already exists, or replace your entire inventory with what’s in the file.

Your Sellery account will get updated automatically with the new data once Amazon processes your upload. You will need to verify the success of the upload directly on your Seller Central account.

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