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This section allows you to define general settings for your dealer account.


Primary Marketplace

The primary marketplace is your home venue. Your home venue will drive the currency, weight displays, and calculations within the system. When you scan new items into the Receiving page, the biblio- and offer data used by the Filters/Sorters is retrieved from this venue. If the information is not available on your home venue, the system will look to other venues until it locates the required data. Note that Sellery will only look to other venues if you have added accounts for those venues to Sellery.

Default Currency

Although Sellery is fully multi-currency, this option shows the preferred currency in which your pricing calculations will be displayed. Both default currency and local venue currency will be displayed in the Pricing Log.

Both your primary marketplace and default currency are determined by the first venue (Account) you add to Sellery.

Default Weight Unit

Here you have the option to choose how weight is displayed in the application, by kilograms or pounds.

Default Length Unit

How dimension information about your items is displayed. You can choose between inches and centimeters.

Local Time Zone

This sets the timezone that is used when you look at timestamps in the application, such as last repriced in the listings grid view, date added in the stock grid, and in various other places. Although Sellery fully supports an international company operating in several marketplaces and with offices in different time zones, we encourage you to pick a default timezone to be used by the whole company so there’s no ambiguity about when things happen.


To change the password for your Sellery account, click Change Password, enter the old password and the new password twice to confirm it’s correct. Click OK.



When adding new items (scanning or uploading), use these check-boxes to make entering location and/or supplier mandatory. 



You can check this box to disable Sellery’s inventory management. If checked, Sellery will not add or remove any listing or adjust quantity for any items. All quantity management will need to be done through SellerCentral or another application. The changes will then be imported into Sellery every 4-6 hours. Upon checking the box, you will see this warning:


If you check this box and save and later change your mind, when you go back into Settings > General to uncheck the box, Sellery will also disable uploads to all accounts in the system. You will see this warning:


Please note that Sellery will disable your uploads when you select ‘Yes’ to proceed. Please verify your quantities and prices are correct before navigating to Settings > Accounts and re-enabling the ‘Manage my listings’ slider on all accounts.

Remember to always hit Save after making any changes to your settings!


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