An account is a venue where you list your inventory items. Sellery supports the following venues:,,,,,,,,,,

Settings > Accounts is where you can create new accounts, edit settings for existing accounts, and rename them.


Creating a New Account:

In order to add a new account, click New on the top of the page and enter a name for your account. Then choose your venue from the drop-down menu.

Follow the on-screen directions to enable Sellery MWS access to your Amazon account. You will be directed to Amazon and will have to log in and authorize Sellery to access to your listings, orders and inventory. It will only take a few easy steps and then you’ll be returned to Sellery, where you can enter your Merchant ID and click Save.

Renaming an Account:

To rename an account, select it from the Accounts list and click Rename. A prompt will display with an editable field where you’ll type in the new name. Click OK to save the changes or Cancel to quit.

Account Notes:

There is a field available to enter account notes. You’ll want to specify how the three different note fields should be displayed in the final item note. You have the ability to change the order of the notes by dragging and dropping.

The Item Description, as seen on Amazon, is comprised of three different notes:

  • Account

  • Warehouse

  • Item

Item Note can be edited manually in an item’s Stock tab in the inventory panel or through the Receiving page by manually typing your notes or choosing from a preset list. To edit your Warehouse note, navigate to Settings > Warehouses and select the Warehouse you wish to add a note to. When you select an existing Warehouse, each of your registered accounts will display on the right, allowing you to add notes to each specific venue you sell on.

The box labeled VAT exempt should be checked if you DO NOT want VAT (Value Added Tax) to be calculated into your minimum price. This applies only to European sellers/venues.

When you’ve got all your settings and pricing rules dialed in, you’re ready to go live! To do this, simply change the slider labeled Manage my listings/prices on Amazon to 'ON' and hit Save. This will allow our system to begin updating information on your Amazon venues.

Unified European Accounts


Sellery users who have Unified Amazon Accounts can set their “unified home venue” in Sellery.

Note: European sellers with Unified Amazon Accounts may experience slower repricing speeds.

Reset Prices

For Sellery accounts created after January 14th, 2015, there will be a new option under Settings > Accounts that will allow Sellery users to revert their prices on Amazon back to what they were before Sellery changed them. 

This option will only be available during the two week trial period. If this option is used, Sellery will upload those reset prices back to your Amazon account regardless of whether or not your Account slider is set to 'ON'. 

Once you select the 'reset prices' button, a warning will display before you can finalize your choice.

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