Settings > Filters allows you to define groups of filters that will later be applied to your Sorters and used when scanning new MFN items into the Receiving page.


You can create a new group of filters.

To create a new Filter, select New and enter a name.  Select your new filter from the list, this opens a panel to the right where you can edit the details of your filters.

You can add as many filters to your group as you’d like, matching either All criteria or some (Any).

To add another filter, select the ‘+’. Choose the ‘-’ to delete one.  To separate All/Any criteria, select the ‘...’ symbol. You can choose filters based on item details, competition, your custom fields, and your stock details.


Any previously created group of filters can be deleted if it is no longer used in any Sorter. If there are sorters still using the group of filters you want to delete, you will be given a warning.


Any previously created group of filters can be given a different name.

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