Shipping Carriers

Settings > Shipping Carriers allows you to create as many shipping carriers as you wish, for both your Merchant Fulfilled and FBA items (UPS domestic, USPS, FedEx International, etc.).  

Carriers are associated with your Smart Lists to create a dynamic relationship that changes based on marketplace location, dimensions, and/or any other criteria that’s important to your business.

These user-defined carrier rates represent your outbound shipping COSTS to get the product to the buyer (NOT what the buyer pays you based on your marketplace Shipping Policy). This value is factored into your Minimum Price calculation.  

To create a Shipping Carrier for your account, click New, enter a name, and click OK. Then, select it from the list of existing carriers. This will open a panel to the right that will be set to the default carrier information. From there, you can adjust your shipping costs in the appropriate currency based on weight (either pounds or kilograms).

We optimize our system to use the best available weight value provided by Amazon's API. If package weight is available, we'll use that, if not, we'll use the item weight. Unfortunately, the weight value provided by Amazon’s API is not always accurate. 

For those cases, you can opt to upload a custom weight for those items into Sellery (using SKU as the identifier) that will override the weight sent by Amazon for calculating your shipping costs for your Minimum Price. This can also be done directly in the weight column of the Inventory grid view (make sure you hit enter to save the custom weight value). Do keep in mind, however, that Amazon will still calculate their fees based on the weight displayed on the item's product page.

You can also delete or rename existing carriers using the buttons at the top of the panel.

Don’t forget to save!

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