This section allows you to scan new items (Merchant Fulfilled) into your inventory and list them on your Amazon account(s).

You can define an item’s SKU, Cost, Quantity, Condition, Sorter, Location, Note, Supplier, Warehouse, Expiration date, as well as any other custom fields that you have created at the time of the scan.

In order to add a new Merchant Fulfilled item to your inventory you must populate the following fields: ASIN, EAN, ISBN, or UPC, Condition, Quantity, SKU and Cost.

Use a bar-code scanner or manually type or copy and paste any product ID into the first field to begin adding items to your inventory.

The Location field is for your internal use only and can be used to identify where an item physically is in your warehouse (i.e. shelf location, under the couch, etc.).

You can assign a Sorter to items while scanning to identify which to keep and which to throw. Sorter results are displayed by easily recognizable colors and sounds, making adding new inventory items a quick and easy process. You can use the quick link to 'add sorter' here to be taken directly to the Settings > Sorters page to create a new sorter. 

You can enter any notes manually into the Note field or choose from several options by clicking on the field and selecting from the drop down menu. The choices within the drop-down menu can be edited by going to Settings > Condition Notes.

Note: Condition notes that are saved under “New” will appear in the Receiving page only if you select ‘New’ as a condition for the item you’re about to scan. Notes saved under “Any condition” appear in the Receiving page regardless of the condition of the item you’re about to scan, as well as the notes corresponding to the selected condition.

You will not be able to add an item to Sellery without a cost associated to it. This cost is used to determine a Minimum Price for your items. Once you scan an item into Sellery, you will see information about that item displayed to the right of the scanning box. 

The Scan Result tab will display an image of the item, product details, and the result of the sorting rule that caught this item (if applicable). You can edit the messages and sorting rules of the sorter/filter if you go to Settings > Filters/Sorters:


If you scan an item into Sellery during a session on the Receiving page and later decide that you do not want to commit that item to your inventory, you can remove it before submitting your new items by clicking on the action field and selecting ‘Do not add to inventory’.

Please note: Competition and bibliographic data are only provided for products that are present in the catalogues of the Amazon venues you have added to Sellery. For example, if a product you scan is only available on Amazon.co.jp and you only have an account on Amazon.com, no results will be returned.

Use the Competition tab as a reference to determine information about that item’s competition such as prices, conditions, etc. at the time of scan.  You can also use the Pricing Log tab for a preview of how that item would be priced, along with what Smart List and Pricing Rule mapping would be associated should you decide to add that item to your inventory. The Buy Box + Lowest Prices tab offers a snapshot of the relevant data at the time of the scan.

Once you have scanned, sorted and made decisions about which items to commit to your inventory, you’re ready to submit your session to Sellery, so that your items can be added to your Inventory and listed on Amazon.To do this, simply click the Add x Items to Inventory button. You can also clear your scanning session by selecting Clear All.

If you use the Clear All option, you will see this warning:

Please note: At this time, any Amazon Fulfilled items will need to be added directly through your Seller Central account. Once those items have been added, Sellery will import them, sort them into the appropriate Smart Lists, price them based on your Pricing Overview settings and upload your new prices back to Amazon once those items are received and listed.

To avoid selling items at a loss during the time they are picked up by Sellery, priced and uploaded again, please add them to your shipment with a high price (ex. $999.00) OR you can upload a cost file (SKU, Cost) into Sellery directly after submitting your shipment to Amazon. Although those items may not currently exist in your Sellery inventory, the system will store the SKU and Cost mapping and apply that cost to the concerned items immediately upon import.


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