Settings > SKU allows you to set a custom format for your SKUs. Many sellers embed useful information in their SKUs to help track items using data such as supplier, date, location, etc.

NOTE: It is not required to create a custom SKU. Sellery will automatically generate a SKU on your behalf if you choose not to customize this field.

The default SKU format used by Sellery is Product ID - Condition - #####.

If the check box for ‘add separator at the end of the SKU’ is checked, all the fields you choose to use will be separated by a dash ( - ). You can also select to add the separator to the end of your SKU.

The available options to use when configuring SKUs are:

  • Product ID

  • Condition

  • Day of Month

  • Month Number

  • Year

  • Custom Field

  • Sequence

  • User Name

To add or subtract fields in your SKU configuration please click on the ‘+’ or ‘-’ symbols next to each field.

Note: SKU names are limited to 40 characters in length by Amazon. A red error message beneath your SKU preview will alert you of this.

A SKU preview can be seen in the lower left hand corner of your screen. Select Save in the lower right hand corner to save your SKU configuration.

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