What Phone Should I Buy?


  • Android 5 or higher – There should be no issue by selecting a phone that runs Android version 5 or higher.
  • iOS 10 or higher = There should be no issue by selecting a phone that runs iOS version 10 or higher.
  • Auto-focus camera – An auto-focus camera is absolutely essential for scanning barcodes. A fixed-focus camera (found on many low-end phones and tablets) will not focus on barcodes. If you purchase a device that doesn’t have an auto-focus camera, you won’t be able to scan barcodes unless you invest in a bluetooth scanner or manually search for barcodes. Be aware that many lower-cost Android tablets cut costs by skimping on the camera. What looks like a great deal might not be!


If you’re thinking about a specific model, but aren’t sure what version of Android it runs or if it has an auto-focus camera, you’re welcome to email us.

However, because of the huge variety of devices available, we’re not experts in every specific model.

In most cases, we’ll just Google the phone’s name/model number and the word “specs.” So give that a try yourself and you might save yourself time waiting for us to respond.


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