What if I'm not a Pro Merchant?


Profit Bandit has two modes: one for sellers with a Pro Merchant Amazon account and another for newer sellers that just have an Individual Seller account. After downloading Profit Bandit, you will be asked which kind of account you have, and then routed to the appropriate mode in the application.

You can also switch the app between Pro and Non-Pro modes at any time from Settings.




Below you will find details on how to use the app if you are an Individual Seller without a Pro Merchant account.          


The first screen you will see is the welcome screen:


04 Non-Pro Mode Welcome screen.jpg


  • The search field at the top can be used to type in keywords, ASINs and UPCs.
  • Tapping the barcode icon initially placed in the middle of the screen will open the scanner/camera app so that you may start scanning.
  • You can type your Buy Cost into the Buy $ text field in the bottom left corner. After a scan, the Sell $ text field is automatically populated based on the lowest price you set from Settings, but you can also manually input a different selling price.
  • The Profit/Loss displayed will show you the profit per item sold. Tapping on it will bring up a detailed breakdown of the item fees.

06 Crystal Clear Profit Calculation.jpg



Once a product is scanned the following information will be displayed:


  • The top of the screen contains the title of the product, its image, the Sales Rank, Weight and AZ offer.
  • The offers are split into 3 columns representing FBA offers, New MFN offers and Used MFN offers. You can see the number of offers in the colored “column headers.”
  • Tapping one of the “column headers” will lead you to the AZ offers page.
  • The Amazon icon to the left of an offer that is highlighted brown indicates that this is Amazon’s offer price. You can see an example of this in the above screenshot under the FBA column header. Amazon is selling this item for $9.85 in New condition.
  • As stated before: in the bottom part of the app, you can see your manually entered Buy Cost and your automatically generated Sell Price and Profit Calculation.


  • If you tap the item’s title, a pop up will come up that shows you the full title of the item, in cases when the title does not fully display itself on the applications main screen.


  • You can expand the keepa graph to take up the whole screen by tapping on it. This allows for easier detailed viewing.

As stated before. If you tap the hamburger icon in the upper left of the app, you’ll be taken to the menu where you can email support or configure settings: below is a description of the settings options.


In the Profit calculation section of Settings:

  • You can configure how you want your Sell Price to be calculated.
  • You can choose whether the profit is displayed as a dollar amount or ROI.
  • You can set the FBA inbound shipping rate and sales tax amounts.

Other settings include turning on restricted items alerts and picking which scanner app you want to use:


If you turn on the restricted items alerts and try to scan something, the application will prompt you to log into your Amazon account as shown below:


If you want restrictions on, tap yes, and log in. This does NOT give Profit Bandit access to your seller account or your credentials, it simply allows the app to detect whether or not a given item you scan is restricted.

In case an item you scan is restricted, you will see this pop up on the screen.



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