Is it possible to edit items in bulk?

With Seller Engine Plus you can edit multiple items in bulk. Select the items you want to modify in Inventory view then click the Edit button in the main toolbar.


► To create a selection click on the first item in the selection you want to make, then scroll up or down to the last item in the desired selection, then while pressing the Shift key click on the last item. You can also click while pressing Ctrl to pick individusl items for your selection.


► Click the 'Edit' button to bring up the Edit Inventory window for all selected items.

NOTE: In this window you'll see details for the first item you selected but remember that any changes you make will affect all items in the selection. The window's title will tell you how many items have been selected for bulk editing.


► Once you edit items don't forget to upload to Amazon otherwise the changes are saved only in the local inventory database.

• Select the edited items, and click 'Upload' > 'Add new items, remove items marked for delete, and update existing listings'. 

• In the Upload to Amazon popup window choose 'Current selected items' then click the 'Upload my items' button.

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