How can I avoid creating duplicate listings for the same item?

Q: I regularly buy DVDs in bulk to sell on Amazon and sometimes I buy items which I already have for sale. Can SellerEngine Plus tell me if I already have an item listed when I try to add it? I know Amazon doesn't like it when sellers create duplicate listings.


NOTE: Right now checking for duplicates only works  if you add a Product ID that is already in the database; if you scan a UPC code in and you already have the same item in your inventory but the Product ID used for that SKU is the ASIN then the duplicate will not be detected - this is a bug in the current version (v3.3.10) which we are aiming to fix in the next version so that the software will work the way it is described below.


A: After you've downloaded your listings from Amazon, when you add a new item the software checks your inventory database for duplicates using the Product ID field then retrieves the ASIN and it checks for duplicates again using this field as well. If a duplicate is found and it has the same condition as the item you are adding then the "Possible Duplicate Offer" popup window appears: 


In such a situation you have two options: to create a separate listing or to update the current one by adding quantity, and by overwriting local SKU and item note for the already existing listing.

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