Installing BlueStacks & Using Profit Bandit

Installing BlueStacks takes just a few minutes. Start by downloading BlueStacks from

Click the download app player button, highlighted in the image below:


Open the file you downloaded and click Continue/Next in the lower right corner:

Click through to complete the installation of BlueStacks.


BlueStacks requires you to add a Google Play account in order to download and install applications.

If you use Profit Bandit on Android, you can add your existing Google Play Account. If not, tap New and create a Google Play account.

If prompted to Upgrade to Google+, just click Not Now.

Next: Enabling App Sync & Downloading Profit Bandit

Before installing any applications, you'll need to enable app sync.

You want your screen to look like this before continuing:

Now you can search the Google Play Store for Profit Bandit!

Click Install and Profit Bandit will be downloaded and installed into BlueStacks:

Once Profit Bandit is downloaded, you can open it in BlueStacks!

Once Profit Bandit is installed on BlueStacks, you can open it.

If you do not already have a Profit Bandit account, you can create one on this screen. If you do have a Profit Bandit account, choose Sign In instead.

Once signed in, you'll be able to start searching for items:

If you don't have an active paid Profit Bandit subscription, you will be prompted to create one after using your free scans.

Or you can create a paid subscription by signing in to your Profit Bandit account here:

That's all there is to using Profit Bandit on BlueStacks. If you need any additional help, please email us at

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