Smart Lists

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Smart Lists are the way to get things done in Sellery. They are essential to successful:

  • pricing

  • multi-marketplace listing

  • competition monitoring

  • stock tracking

  • product research

Smart Lists are dynamically updating subsets of your inventory defined by common characteristics.

For Example:

Smart List: Items in my Inventory that fall under the Books product group with a sales rank on higher than 100000.


This Smart List filters items based on product group and sales rank information. But as you can see, you have many filtering options to choose from in order to give your smart lists the most flexibility.

You can apply custom settings to each smart list including:

  • Pricing Rules

  • Shipping Rates

  • Which Marketplaces to display the listings

Then, once an item no longer qualifies to be in that list, it will get different custom settings applied based on it’s new Smart List association.

In addition, you can use Smart Lists to narrow your inventory into many smaller lists so that browsing is easier and you can focus on taking action based on your personal business demands.


For Example:

Smart List: all the items where my stock levels are less than 5

Smart List: I am the only seller for this item on


In order to create a new smart list, click on New Smart List, enter a name and click OK.


Once you’ve saved your new Smart List, the filter box will automatically display. If you need to go back later and edit your Smart Listagain, simply locate it from the list on the left and click on the round cog button to edit the details.


You will see a prompt with the Settings of your Smart List. You have several expanding menus of filters, grouped as follows:

- Competition: marketplace specific details that frequently change (i.e.: Buy Box and lowest prices, average price, number of offers, is sold by Amazon).

- Item details: things that rarely change about the item (ie: title, product group, dimensions, etc.). As well as sales rank.

- My Custom Fields: shows you all custom fields you have already created to be used as a filter. You can even add a new custom field when creating a smart list.

- My Listings: allows you to identify items where you have the new or used BuyBox.

- My sales: allows you to identify units sold on a particular venue for a variety of date ranges.

- My stock details: attributes specific to my items (ie: is FBA, qty, cost, date added, etc.).

You can combine as many filters as you want and require the items to satisfy every filter you use (all) or just meet one or a few of the filters that you define (any).

Once you’ve defined and saved your smart list(s), you can select it to view the inventory items now associated with each list. An item in your inventory can belong to multiple smart lists but will only be repriced using one specific pricing rule as dictated by your Pricing Overview (see Settings).

ProTip: You can clone a Smart List by clicking 'Save as' and entering a new name in the setting panel for that Smart List. 



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