I get an error message if I try to open an inventory database when starting SellerEngine Plus. What can I do?


Q: My computer crashed unexpectedly / there was a power outage while SellerEngine Plus was repricing. Now, when I run the software and I get the Select Product Database window, when I choose to open the database I was previously working on I get a bug report / error message. Is there anything I can do to retrieve the database? 


A: In this situation it's likely that either installation files or the actual database file have become corrupt as a result of the application suddenly being closed off while it was writing to the database file. One possible solution would be compacting the database while it’s not open.

When you try to run SellerEngine Plus, if the Database Manager window comes up first, open any other existing database than the one which cannot be opened, or just create a new one.

Next, go to Database Manager once more, select the problem database, click Manage > Compact Selected Database.


Now try to open the database. 


If the solution above doesn't work you can try opening the database file with Microsoft Access and use the Recover and Repair Database option.

If you're able to open the database file in Microsoft Access without problems but the inventory cannot be loaded in the software try installing Seller Engine Plus in a different folder on your computer (example: "C:\Users\*User name*\AppData\Roaming\SellerEngine Plus 2\") then copy and paste the database to this new installation, and register the database: go to File > Database Manager, then click Manage > Register existing database, and register the old database.

And if that doesn't work either, you should go ahead and recreate your database. If you have the good habit of periodically saving backups of your inventory create a new database and restore the last backup you made. If you don't have a backup then your only option is to create a new database and import your listings from Amazon. 

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