How do I remove items from Sellery completely?

It is currently not possible to delete items completely from Sellery. If you wish to remove a live listing from Amazon, you can either:

1. Set that item to a quantity of zero in Sellery and Sellery will then delist the item from Amazon. This option will ONLY work if the item is Merchant Fulfilled and Sellery's inventory management feature is enabled, as well as your account set to 'ON' under Settings > Accounts.

2. Create a Smart List that contains the item(s) you wish to remove. Go to Settings > Pricing Overview and map that smart list to 'Do not list' at the very top of your Overview. This option will work for Merchant Fulfilled listings as long as Sellery's inventory management feature is enabled.

3. If Sellery's inventory management feature is disabled, simply remove the listing from your Amazon Seller Central account and Sellery will set any inactive items to a quantity of zero when it next updates your inventory. 

4. Any changes to FBA listings must be made directly on Amazon Seller Central (or another 3rd party application) and Sellery will import those changes every 6 hours.


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