How do I change the cost of my existing items in Sellery?

In order to change the cost of your existing items in Sellery you have two options:

1. You can manually change the cost of your items from the main Inventory View. Click on the item and navigate to the Stock tab in the Details Panel. Then click on the Cost column, edit the cost, and hit enter on your keyboard to save the new value.

This option is recommended for changing the cost of just a couple of items.

2. You can change the cost of your items in bulk through a file upload. Prepare an excel file using SKU as the identifier and a column for Cost. Populate the file with the appropriate information. Then, go to Settings > Uploads to upload the file into Sellery. Once the upload is processed, the cost of your items will be changed.


If you'd like to learn more about cost in Sellery, please click here.

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