Items sent to FBA are getting split between several shipments instead of being added all to one shipment

Q: I want to send items all in one shipment; I don't want to have to send several shipments to different warehouses, some shipments only contain a small number of items. What can I do to stop items that I'm sending to FBA to get split between several shipments?


A: When you add items to shipment in SellerEngine Plus the software sends a shipment preview call to Amazon and Amazon responds with their desired location for each item. In other words, Amazon is telling SellerEngine Plus where the items need to be sent, and the software creates a shipment for every warehouse location and label type combination provided by Amazon. Only if all items added need to be sent to the same warehouse with the same label type will they all be added to the same shipment.

If you think it's worth it, Amazon provides FBA redistribution services and if you activate this service for your seller account you will get to choose your preferred warehouse location and won't have to create multiple shipments - all items will be added to the same shipment in SellerEngine Plus and it will be up to Amazon to redistribute your items to different warehouse locations depending on their logistic requirements for a nominal fee. You'll want to contact Amazon to find out more about this service.



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