I want to use SE+ on a new computer. How can I move my database and other settings from the old computer?

You can migrate the inventory database and reprice schema files by copying the ‘db’ folder from the old computer to the new one; this folder contains your database, reprice schema files, queries, layout configurations, and add template changes you made on the old computer.

Along with the ‘db’ folder you can also copy all files in the installation folder that have the .ini extension - these files contain all your visual customizations.

See the screen shot below for the default installation folder path and files and folders you need to backup:



NOTE: If you can't find the AppData folder it means that your computer is set not to show hidden files and folders. To change this setting, in the 'Explorer' or 'MyComputer' window click Organize > Folder and search options > View and select the 'Show hidden files, folders, and drives' option.


Next, you need to download and install SE Plus on the new computer. To download click here: http://sellerengine.com/download/

Having installed SE Plus on the new PC you can start migrating the needed files. To migrate repricing schemas and inventory database from one computer to another please follow steps below:

  • Go to the old computer and browse to the installation folder, the default location for the SE Plus installation folder is: For Windows XP it is "C:\Program Files\SellerEngine Plus [UK|DE]\", for Windows Vista and for Windows7 it is "C:\Users\*User name*\AppData\Roaming\SellerEngine Plus\"
  • Copy the ‘db’ folder and the .ini files from the old computer to a removable drive;
  • Connect the removable drive to the new computer, browse to the installation folder on the new machine and paste the ‘db’ folder and .ini files in there.

You can also email these files to yourself if you don't want to use a removable drive.

Once you run SellerEngine Plus on the new computer, customizations and reprice schemas will automatically be available in the software.

In order to see the database files on the new PC you will need to register them: click File > Database Manager > Manage > Register existing database, browse to where you copied the database files and register them one by one.


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